Idea for this blog

The idea for this blog came up by a dinner with friends in Islamorada, Florida. She asked me, why I don't start to write about my life as a fashion stylist's daughter.

The idea kinna tickeld my fantasy and here is the result: Possible happens when impossible comes true :)

I hope you guys like my blogs about fashion, no goes and insider tipps over places I have been.

Tipp ya, Tori

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Shooting in Tenerife

Got up at 4.00 am. We loaded the car with all the equipment and collections and then took an 1 hour ride down to the south of the island. Playa El Duque was our first location (we only had to luckily on that day).
Positiv: nice beach, mall just above the beach and the house of Liz Taylor is just above the beach on a little clive;
Negativ: people trying to sell stuff to you, well your are relaxing;
My little brother and I made some giant bubbles while we were watching the collection, sadly there wasn't a lot of sun there.
Our second location was the Hotel Tropica. I woudn't like to spend there my holidays. The balconies are tiny and you kinda get lost in the hotel also. What was nice were all those tropical flowers in the courtyard but the pool was kind of disappointing ( middle of the courtyard and everywhere people around you -.-).
A little restaurant insider. is realy delicious place to let day come to an end- and it is cheap also! But it isn't realy something for vegetarians- they mostly only serve meat.

On that day we made 2.404 pictures! Not bad, hm?

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