Idea for this blog

The idea for this blog came up by a dinner with friends in Islamorada, Florida. She asked me, why I don't start to write about my life as a fashion stylist's daughter.

The idea kinna tickeld my fantasy and here is the result: Possible happens when impossible comes true :)

I hope you guys like my blogs about fashion, no goes and insider tipps over places I have been.

Tipp ya, Tori

Freitag, 29. April 2011

Perfect body weight

It is not really easy to feel comfortable with your weight in a world with the fiction of 90-60-60. Especially men are wierdly focused on that fiction. HELLO GUYS! Only a third of the women in the world have this size, and what about the rest? Are they fat or what? No!
The first thing to do, if you want to feel comfortable in your skin, is to except your body like it is. Me for example, I have a wider hip then my friends. It's in the family, so I just accepted it. But on the other hand my upper body half is okay, so this little "wide-hip-problem" only shapes my body into a form.
Okay I have to admit at thise point, I don't do a lot for my body.... just go once a week swimming. But I know some models. And their body is their capital; so what do they have to do? Work out - a lot! This doesn't meen they are the 90-60-90 typ, nop, they also have little problem areas. They only know how to style themselves, so that no one acctually sees those areas at the first time ;) And most of the poster are reworked. And just look at the final round of "Let's Dance!" where Maite Kelly is one of the finalist, and she hasn't got the 90-60-90 body!

What I'm trying to say is, just find the weight you feel confortable with. Even if it is 10kg to much what you should weight from the BI. You have to feel good, not the people around you or a statistic.

Tipp ya,

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